Mellor are a newly formed band from Reading, who are bringing back the sound of the old music scene. Forming in March 2011, they describe their music as being a cross between The Beatles and The Libertines. The band have gigged back and forth between Reading and London, gathering a loyal following of fans along the way.

Frontman Gary Kingham, says “My personal influences are bands like The Smiths and The Cure but actually our sound is probably quite 50s and 60s, like The Kinks.”

He continued: “Mellor is a guitar band, we’re trying to bring back guitar music, not that it’s properly gone but we want to help get it back to the top again.”

Kingham is assisted by fellow band members Christian Inglese, Michael Lowndes and Josh Woodward.

They played a homecoming gig at The Oakford Social Club in June 2012. They opened the gig with B-side ‘Last Man on Earth’; they also played debut single ‘Catch Me Girl’ and finished with their final song ‘Lillian Believe Me’.

Their debut single was launched in London and in Reading, the band are currently playing more venues and getting their sound heard by more people. With a mixture of retro and modern sounding songs, Mellor are a band on the rise and worth keeping an eye on.